Why Leaf Removal is Critical for the Health of Your Lawn
Leaves lying around may not seem like it would pose any problems to your lawn. Some people may even argue that the green matter will eventually decompose and serve as fertilizer for the grass. However, it is critical to ensure that leaf removal is done on time. This article looks at why this routine task is important in maintaining the health of your lawn.

Killing the Grass
One of the reasons why leaf removal is so important is that the heaps of green matter will deny the grass sunlight. Sunlight is important for plants as it is part of the process that synthesizes foods from the roots into compounds that facilitate the plant growth. When the leaves are not removed on time, the roots could also be affected. After a considerable amount of time has passed with the green matter on your lawn, the root systems may be damaged to the extent that it may be time-consuming and costly to correct.

Letting the grass pile up is one of the things you should avoid. Piling up green matter can attract insects and cause rotting. These insects can bring with them a host of diseases that will affect not only the grass but also the flowers and shrubs on your treasured garden.

Routine maintenance
To avoid leaves piling up, you should schedule routine leaf removal during the season when you expect leaves. The task should be done at least once every seven days instead of letting green matter accumulate before collecting all of it at once.

Care should be taken not to hurt young plants. When the grass seedlings are young a rake can cause unwanted damage to the seedlings. You should, therefore, use a blower instead of a rake. At this stage, the seedlings are most vulnerable and it is important to ensure none of the leaves are removed on time. Consider getting a professional to assist you with these tasks.