We currently offer drip irrigation installation to all our customers to help provide the most advanced technologies available for your lawn or garden.

Drip irrigation is a form of irrigation or micro-irrigation that is used to potentially save water as well as allowing plants and crops to retain the most nutrients possible to help them thrive.

This is achieved by reducing from a scheduled running water and converting the process to allow water to drip slowly from specially installed pipes directly to the roots of plants in the soil,
By controlling the amount of water and fertilizer to the soil in the form of constant drip, you are able to eliminate excess water waste caused by evaporation, runoff, and drift caused by the wind.

Each system we install is a custom-made design to ensure sufficient amounts of water and fertilizer are reaching the roots in the soil. The two main types of drip irrigation are called surface and sub-surface.

A surface drip irrigation system is a close proximity system where tubes or pipes are placed about six inches below the soil. These surface drip systems are the most common in temporary settings because the line is easily removed or relocated to other areas throughout the year, however, a surface drip system can be used as a permanent solution as well.

A subsurface drip irrigation is a wide proximity system that places the pipes or tubes about 16 inches below the soil or deeper depending on the application. Subsurface drip irrigation systems are more commonly used in homes and smaller gardens because placing the pipes deeper into the ground to create longevity with the installation. Being farther undeath the ground the pipe has more security and is protected underneath the roots of the plants by the soil it is set in.
Both surface and subsurface drip irrigation system are great choices for conserving water and providing more nutrients to raise healthier crops or a healthier lawn or garden.
Contact our team today to find out which system works best for your situation.