How much does it cost?
Rates vary.

Do you cut lawns?
Unfortunately we do not do general landscape maintenance. Our specialty is landscape design and horticulture and creating sustainable gardens.

When is the best time to plant?
Fall and early spring

Some of my plants died, What do you think happened?
Usually plants decline when they lack adequate water, were root bound when planted, or were planted in the wrong place.

What kind of fertilizer is the best?
I like a combination of slow release 16-4-8, composted manure and  liquid fertilizer 20-20-20.

What exactly does your landscaping company do?
We design, prepare soil, plant trees, shrubs, flowers and grass.

How often should I water my newly planted shrubs?
Three times weekly during the growing season and once a week during the winter months.

What is the Guarantee?
We offer a 30 days warranty assuming the plants have received proper care throughout the time period.