A good landscape design for a commercial residence goes a long way in boosting the image of your business. Good landscaping can determine whether customers stay on your premises or leave as soon as they arrive. The following are some tips for making the most of commercial landscaping projects.

Low Maintenance Design
When starting a landscaping project for your business premises, you need to keep maintenance costs within your budget, while at the same time ensuring the design creates a memorable experience. To do this, many property owners have adopted techniques to reduce maintenance costs.

One thing you can do is to use plants that need little maintenance. Such plants include shrubs, trees, and turf. The aim is to use as many plants as possible that use fewer resources such as fertilizer and water to thrive.

Entrance to the Premises
Landscaping adds a touch of class and refinement to business premises and boosts its image. A lot of attention should be directed towards enhancing the entrance and making it more visually appealing to your customers. For the entrance, go for something eye-catching. Consider colored stones for the pathway and rare plants for the garden.

Plants, Furniture, and Accessories
If you feel that the outdoor space is bland and dull, you can add energy to it with plants, furniture, and accessories. Plants add color and energy to the outdoor space. It is important to take time to choose plants and their color to get the desired effect.

Besides adding character to your garden, chairs and tables can serve as an area where you can entertain important guests and business partners. Garden statues can also boost the character of your outdoor space especially if it is in line with the theme of the garden and your business. There are many different types of themes to consider from antique to modern.